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Best Calgary Roofing Contractors

When it comes to roofing contractors in Calgary, we stand out from the competition. Here’s why we are considered the best in the industry:


Hail can range in size from small pellets to large stones and can cause dents, cracks, and punctures in roofing materials, siding, and windows.


Strong winds can lift roofing materials, break branches, and cause structural damage to properties.

Heavy Snowfalls

Accumulated snow on roofs can cause structural stress and damage, leading to leaks and potential collapse.


Heavy rains or rapid snowmelt can lead to flooding, causing water damage to basements, foundations, and interior spaces.

The Importance of Storm Damage Restoration

After a storm, it is essential to address storm damage promptly and thoroughly. Storm damage restoration services offer several key benefits:

Storm damage Calgary

Safety and Structural Integrity

Professional restoration ensures that the property’s structural integrity is restored, minimizing safety risks and preventing further damage.

Storm damage in Calgary

Swift Response

Storm damage restoration services are equipped to respond quickly to emergencies, preventing secondary damage and reducing the risk of mold growth and water-related issues.

Storm damage repair services

Comprehensive Assessment

Experienced restoration experts can conduct a thorough inspection to identify all areas of damage, even those not immediately visible.

Storm damage services Calgary

Expert Repairs

Restoration professionals have the expertise and tools to carry out high-quality repairs, ensuring that the property is fully restored to its pre-storm condition.

Comprehensive Storm Damage Restoration Services

Alfa Exteriors offers comprehensive solutions to address various types of storm-related damage:

Storm damage

Roof Repairs

Roofing experts assess the roof for damage and perform necessary repairs, such as replacing damaged shingles, fixing leaks, and restoring the roof’s structural integrity.

Storm damage repair

Siding Repairs and Replacement

Storms can cause siding to become loose, cracked, or punctured. Restoration services repair or replace damaged siding materials to restore the property’s exterior.

Storm Damage Restoration

Window and Door Repairs

Broken windows and damaged doors are common after storms. Restoration professionals ensure that windows and doors are repaired or replaced to maintain security and weatherproofing.

calgary Storm damage services

Water Damage Restoration

If flooding occurs, water damage restoration services handle water extraction, drying, and dehumidification to prevent mold and further damage.

Storm Damage Restoration

Structural Repairs

In cases of severe storm damage, structural repairs may be necessary to ensure the safety and stability of the property.