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Dealing with a leaky roof or shingle blow-off? Our skilled roofing experts are here to diagnose and efficiently repair your roof.

Discover the variety of shingle options
and styles that we offer.


Experience the proven performance and durability of the most commonly used roofing material in North America. We exclusively use high-quality fiberglass laminated asphalt shingles from reputable suppliers like GAF, IKO, BP, OC, and Malarkey. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles that complement your home’s design. Don’t forget to inquire about impact-rated shingles and the optional extended warranty for added peace of mind.


Made right here in Calgary, Alberta, this Canadian roofing system is designed to withstand our harsh climate and boasts the highest impact rating. Our rubber applications are available in attractive cedar shake or slate profiles, offering multiple color options. Not only is this product visually appealing, but it’s also environmentally friendly, with up to 95% recycled material. Choosing this eco-conscious option may even qualify you for a reduced insurance rate.


Cedar stands out not just for its visual appeal but also as a highly durable wood for roofing. It naturally resists moisture, insects, and exhibits minimal shrinkage. Over time, cedar develops a charming silver-gray color that enhances the aesthetic and helps regulate temperatures.

Ensure the long-lasting performance of your Cedar roof system with our maintenance services.


Specifically designed to tackle the challenges of roofs with a slope of 2:12 or lower, our flat roof application is tailored to meet these unique requirements. With its specialized nature, it requires skilled installers to ensure proper installation, preventing issues like leaks and structural damage that can arise from the absence of natural rain or snow shedding on flat roofs.


A metal roofing system can withstand Southern Alberta’s harsh weather conditions such as hail, rain, snow, and strong winds. With minimal maintenance, they outlast other roofing systems, avoiding issues like shrinkage and cracking. The polymer finishes preserve their beauty, enhancing curb appeal.

Why Choose ALFA Roofing & Siding for your Calgary Roofing Needs?

Our team is dedicated to providing highly personalized and responsive service, utilizing advanced technology for precise estimation. We strive to make your roof replacement as affordable, seamless, and stress-free as can be.

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